Monday, April 25, 2011

History Of Film In Alaska

Swan Lake canoe trail system

Everyone has a different approach to their field of work...

Some show up, punch in/out, and go home to enjoy their real life. Others are workaholics and bring their work home with them -- not always for healthy reasons. Still others, their work is their passion and joy.

Firefighting, screenwriting, and filmmaking have been that for me. My big thing is always wanting to know who and what came before me. The history that created the current state of things.

Every time I thought I'd re-invented the wheel I would stumble across proof that it really has all been done (or thought of) before.

Each generation has its own learning curve and voices of those who came before usually fall on deaf ears.

For all you Alaskan filmmakers here are some of those voices: Films shot in Alaska

The link also resides on my personal blog, but thought it's home should be here.


Morning view with coffee near Slana


Jackie's Nepal Blog said...

Matt, you're an inspiration, never veering away from what you are passionate about!

Matt Shields said...

Kind (sweet, good) of you to say!